GBDX Evaluation Plan

The GBDX Evaluation lets you explore the GBDX platform with API access and GBDX Notebooks access.

Evaluation Plan Features

30-day Free Trial
IKONOS, Landsat 8, and Sentinel-2 imagery access
20 DigitalGlobe sub meter images
600 task processing hours
100 GB storage
API access
Notebooks access
RDA access (3000 sqkm/month)


Use GBDX APIs to search the catalog, order imagery, and run algorithms in workflows. Our extensive documentation walks you through each API.

See Get Started with GBDX APIs

GBDX Tools and Services

The tools listed here offer a variety of ways to search, order, and analyze data on GBDX. Documentation for each is provided. The limitations listed above apply.

Tool Description Documentation
GBDX Dashboard Manage your account from the GBDX Dashboard.
GBDX Notebooks Select and process satellite imagery within a hosted Jupyter environment. Some python knowledge is required. See GBDX Notebooks Overview, and the Notebooks tutorial Ordering and Working with Imagery
gbdxtools (Python-based tools suite) gbdxtools is a python-based tools suite for ordering imagery and launching workflows on DigitalGlobe’s GBDX platform. Installation and troubleshooting help, gbdxtools user documentation
RDA Access RDA provides scalable high-performance access to raster data with dynamic on-the-fly processing. See the Raster Data Access Course for more information.


The following algorithms are available to Evaluation Plan users. Only tasks with links are supported and documented. These tasks are available for evaluation of the workflow system.

Evaluation Plan Algorithms

See the "Algorithms" section on GBDX University for a list of supported and documented algorithms available on paid plans.

Sign up for the Evaluation Plan

To sign up for the GBDX Evaluation Plan, go to the Sign Up page.

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