WorldView-4 data is available for use with the Raster Data Access (RDA) service. RDA is part of DigitalGlobe's GBDX offering.


WorldView-4 is a multispectral, high-resolution commercial satellite. Operating at an expected altitude of 617 km, WorldView-4 provides 31 cm panchromatic resolution, and 1.23 m multispectral resolution.WorldView-4 has an average revisit time of <1 day and is capable of collecting up to 680,000 sq km per day.

To learn more about WorldView-4, see the WorldView-4 Data Sheet

Spectral Bands
Panchromatic band
Multispectral 4-band

Date Range
WorldView-4 imagery collected daily from June, 2018 to present is available for use in RDA. Some WV4 imagery is available prior to that date.

WolrdView-4 Image, Brazil

WolrdView-4 Image, Brazil

Using WorldView-4 Imagery with Raster Data Access (RDA)

Worldview-4 imagery is stored in the GBDX catalog in the tile-based IDAHO image format for use with the RDA service. See the following documentation for more information on using RDA:

Raster Data Access (RDA) Course
How to Get an RDA chip using gbdxtools
RDA API Reference

WorldView-4 imagery cannot be ordered through the GBDX Ordering API at this time.

GBDX Notebooks

When browsing for imagery in GBDX Notebooks, WorldView-4 imagery will appear in search results where the image meets the search criteria.

Find a Worldview-4 Catalog ID

To find a catalog ID for a Worldview-4 image , you can search the GBDX Catalog by Area of Interest (AOI), by date range, and by types.

Catalog V2 API Request

Using a client application such as "Postman", send a POST request to with a request body.

For gbdxtools, see Catalog Search Overview

Search Example Request Body 1: Search by Types

WorldView-4 images that are available on GBDX will have the types "WV04" and "DigitalGlobeProduct." Alternatively, the type "IDAHOImage" can be used instead of DigitalGlobeProduct. The results will be the same.

        "searchAreaWkt": "POLYGON ((-105.35202026367188 39.48113956424843, -105.35202026367188 40.044848254075546, -104.65988159179688 40.044848254075546, -104.65988159179688 39.48113956424843, -105.35202026367188 39.48113956424843))",
        "startDate": "2018-10-01T00:00:00.000Z",
        "endDate": "2018-12-31T23:59:59.999Z",
        "types": ["WV04",

Search Result Example

As shown in the results, the catalog ID for this image is;

"catalogID": "96741aeb-9e87-4a9a-9435-d325c4859908-inv"

    "stats": {
        "recordsReturned": 2,
        "totalRecords": 2,
        "typeCounts": {
            "IDAHOImage": 2,
            "GBDXCatalogRecord": 2,
            "WV04": 2,
            "DigitalGlobeProduct": 2
    "results": [
            "identifier": "ee6e62b3-ac15-4d40-a410-337e0d68b482",
            "type": [
            "properties": {
                "satAzimuth": 310.4,
                "sunAzimuth": 174.1,
                "epsgCode": "4326",
                "cloudCover": 51,
                "numYTiles": 25,
                "numXTiles": 43,
                "imageWidth": 10789,
                "tileXOffset": 0,
                "tileYSize": 0,
                "idahoImageId": "ee6e62b3-ac15-4d40-a410-337e0d68b482"
                "catalogID": "96741aeb-9e87-4a9a-9435-d325c4859908-inv",
                "vendorDatasetIdentifier": "LV1B:I00000184914_01_P001:96741aeb-9e87-4a9a-9435-d325c4859908-inv:None",
                "version": "1.1",
                "numBands": 4,
                "offNadirAngle": 27.7,
                "platformName": "WORLDVIEW04",
                "vendorName": "DigitalGlobe, Inc.",
                "imageHeight": 6305,
                "sunElevation": 35,
                "vendor": "DigitalGlobe",
                "acquisitionDate": "2018-11-04T18:25:12.096Z",
                "dataType": "UNSIGNED_SHORT",
                "timestamp": "2018-11-04T18:25:12.096Z",
                "tileYOffset": 0,
                "bucketName": "rda-images-1",
                "tileXSize": 0,
                "colorInterpretation": "BGRN",
                "profileName": "dg_1b",
                "tilePartition": "0000",
                "groundSampleDistanceMeters": 1.517,
                "sensorName": "4-band (Blue, Green, Red, NIR) Multispectral",
                "tileBucketName": "rda-images-1",
                "footprintWkt": "MULTIPOLYGON(((-105.54601382 39.56288048, -105.35162677 39.53995854, -105.35007278 39.45451368, -105.54358383 39.47821945, -105.54601382 39.56288048)))",
                "nativeTileFileFormat": "TIF",
                "pniirs": 3.4,
                "satElevation": 59.5,
                "sensorPlatformName": "WORLDVIEW04"
      results set truncated to show one record