Ordering API Reference Overview


TypeURLDescriptionTry it Out
POSThttps://geobigdata.io/orders/v2/orderPlace an OrderPlace an Order v2
GEThttps://geobigdata.ioorders/v2/order/<order_id>Get order statusGet Order Status v2

Response Attributes and Values

order_idThe ID assigned to the order.
acquisitionsThe acquisitions that were part of the order.
acquisition_idA separate line item for each acquisition that was part of the order.
stateThe status of the acquisition that was ordered. See the Order States table below.
Order StatesDescription
submittedThe order has been submitted to the GBDX platform
orderingThe acquisitions are being ordered from the DigitalGlobe (DG) factory
placedThe order has been placed with the DG factory.
deliveredThe acquisition has been delivered from the DG factory and is available
failedThe order failed.

Order Limit

Orders are limited to 100 catalog IDs per order requests.

Duplicates in an Order

If the same catalog ID is requested more than once in the same order request, they will be collapsed into one ID before the order is sent to the factory.