Authentication Reference Overview



POST/auth/v1/oauth/token/GBDX authentication requires a token to access APIs
GET//auth/v1/validate_token/A "validate token" request verifies that that the token is valid with a 200 OK response. The response body provides basic information about the user account the token is associated with

Token Response

The response to a request for a token includes the following:

access_tokenThe string is your token. This is what you use to make API calls.
expires_in604800 seconds, or 7 days
refresh_tokenA refresh token can replace an expired token*
scope"openid email offline_access"

*Refresh token: Refresh token can be used to replace an expired token. However, for most use cases, it may be easier to simply get a new token by sending another "Get a Token" request.

Validate Token Response

Property NameValue
usernameGBDX user name
user_idGBDX user ID
account_idGBDX account ID
rolesList of roles associated with the user
iduser ID
rolethe role associated with the user
is_super_userTRUE/FALSE value
emailThe email address the user entered when signing up for a GBDX account
account_levelGBDX account level