WORLDVIEW-4 data can now be ordered through the GBDX Ordering API and through ordering in GBDXTools.


WORLDVIEW04 is a multispectral, high-resolution commercial satellite. Operating at an expected altitude of 617 km, WorldView-4 provides 31 cm panchromatic resolution, and 1.23 m multispectral resolution.WorldView-4 has an average revisit time of <1 day and is capable of collecting up to 680,000 sq km per day.

To learn more about WorldView-4, see the WorldView-4 Data Sheet

Spectral Bands
Panchromatic band
Multispectral 4-band

Date Range
WorldView-4 imagery collected daily from June, 2018 is available for use in RDA. Some WV4 imagery is available prior to that date.

WolrdView-4 Image, BrazilWolrdView-4 Image, Brazil

WolrdView-4 Image, Brazil

Using WorldView-4 Imagery with Raster Data Access (RDA)

Worldview-4 imagery is stored in the GBDX catalog in the tile-based IDAHO image format for use with the RDA service. See the following documentation for more information on using RDA:

Raster Data Access (RDA) Course
How to Get an RDA chip using gbdxtools


WorldView-4 imagery is now available to be ordered on the GBDX platform.

See the GBDX Ordering Guide for more details on how to order imagery. Use WORLDVIEW04 as the sensorplatformname value or WV04 as the type.

Find a Worldview-4 Catalog ID

To find a catalog ID for a Worldview-4 image , you can search the GBDX Catalog by Area of Interest (AOI), by date range, and by types.

Catalog V2 API Request

Using a client application such as "Postman", send a POST request to // with a request body.

For gbdxtools, see Catalog Search Overview

Search Example Request Body 1: Search by Types

WorldView-4 images that are available on GBDX will have the types "WV04" and "DigitalGlobeProduct." A

        "searchAreaWkt": "POLYGON ((-105.35202026367188 39.48113956424843, -105.35202026367188 40.044848254075546, -104.65988159179688 40.044848254075546, -104.65988159179688 39.48113956424843, -105.35202026367188 39.48113956424843))",
        "startDate": "2018-10-01T00:00:00.000Z",
        "endDate": "2018-12-31T23:59:59.999Z",
        "types": ["WV04",

Search Result Example

As shown in the results, the catalog ID for this image is;

"catalogID": "96741aeb-9e87-4a9a-9435-d325c4859908-inv"

    "stats": {
        "recordsReturned": 2,
        "totalRecords": 2,
        "typeCounts": {
            "IDAHOImage": 2,
            "GBDXCatalogRecord": 2,
            "WV04": 2,
            "DigitalGlobeProduct": 2
    "results": [
            "identifier": "ee6e62b3-ac15-4d40-a410-337e0d68b482",
            "type": [
            "properties": {
                "satAzimuth": 310.4,
                "sunAzimuth": 174.1,
                "epsgCode": "4326",
                "cloudCover": 51,
                "numYTiles": 25,
                "numXTiles": 43,
                "imageWidth": 10789,
                "tileXOffset": 0,
                "tileYSize": 0,
                "idahoImageId": "ee6e62b3-ac15-4d40-a410-337e0d68b482"
                "catalogID": "96741aeb-9e87-4a9a-9435-d325c4859908-inv",
                "vendorDatasetIdentifier": "LV1B:I00000184914_01_P001:96741aeb-9e87-4a9a-9435-d325c4859908-inv:None",
                "version": "1.1",
                "numBands": 4,
                "offNadirAngle": 27.7,
                "platformName": "WORLDVIEW04",
                "vendorName": "DigitalGlobe, Inc.",
                "imageHeight": 6305,
                "sunElevation": 35,
                "vendor": "DigitalGlobe",
                "acquisitionDate": "2018-11-04T18:25:12.096Z",
                "dataType": "UNSIGNED_SHORT",
                "timestamp": "2018-11-04T18:25:12.096Z",
                "tileYOffset": 0,
                "bucketName": "rda-images-1",
                "tileXSize": 0,
                "colorInterpretation": "BGRN",
                "profileName": "dg_1b",
                "tilePartition": "0000",
                "groundSampleDistanceMeters": 1.517,
                "sensorName": "4-band (Blue, Green, Red, NIR) Multispectral",
                "tileBucketName": "rda-images-1",
                "footprintWkt": "MULTIPOLYGON(((-105.54601382 39.56288048, -105.35162677 39.53995854, -105.35007278 39.45451368, -105.54358383 39.47821945, -105.54601382 39.56288048)))",
                "nativeTileFileFormat": "TIF",
                "pniirs": 3.4,
                "satElevation": 59.5,
                "sensorPlatformName": "WORLDVIEW04"
      results set truncated to show one record