GBDX Thumbnail Service Deprecation Notice

The GBDX Thumbnail Service was retired on 7/23/2018.

This document provides resources for migrating to DigitalGlobe's Discover API.

Deprecation Date: 05/23/2018
Retirement Date (end-of-life): 07/23/2018
Document last updated: 7/23/2018


GBDX Thumbnail Service users should migrate to DigitalGlobe's Discover API before the retirement date. All GBDX catalog records will be updated with Discover image paths once the Thumbnail Service is retired. Until then, the Thumbnail urls in the catalog records will redirect to the Discover API.

Deprecated API Requests

Migration Instructions

DigitalGlobe's Discover API

The Discover API's Reference Guide provides cURL and Python examples for the following requests:

Request Description
Query the DigitalGlobe Image Catalog API Search for imagery based on a specified set of search criteria. The ID and metadata associated with the image are returned in the JSON response body.
Export Catalog Browse Images Export imagery based on a bounding box. Specify size, format, and other criteria.
Request Single Browse Image Request a single browse image by catalog ID.

Request a Browse Image from the DigitalGlobe Image Catalog API

curl --request GET \

Query Parameters

PARAM Type Description
id string The DigitalGlobe identifier for the image. This is also the catalog ID for an acquisition.
f string The output format for the image. Specify jpeg or png. If no value is specified for "f", the default is jpeg.

Example Returned Image

Example browse image in jpeg format

Example browse image in jpeg format

DigitalGlobe's Discover Web Application

Use the DigitalGlobe Discover Application to search for DigitalGlobe satellite imagery. Draw an Area of Interest, and select imagery to download or share by email. The "share by email" feature sends the requested imagery files, along with the information provided in this example:

Order Description: AOI 1
Catalog IDs: 1030010079969600, 10300100612DE400, 1050010006396C00
Area of Interest Size: 0 Km2

Deprecation Schedule

See the Deprecation Schedule for all deprecated GBDX services and resources.

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