Platform Status Page

GBDX real-time incident tracking and system status

The GBDX status page provides system status and incident tracking for our platform components. Learn about planned system maintenance before it happens. Check the status of each component. You can also subscribe to email or SMS notifications and have system updates sent directly to you.

Platform Status Page.

Subscribe to Updates

To have platform status updates sent directly to you, select the "Subscribe to Updates" button in the top right corner. You can sign up for email notifications, SMS messages, and follow our Twitter feed.

You can also subscribe to updates for a specific incident. Click the title of the incident, and choose "subscribe to updates" from the updates detail page.

Component Status

The status page shows a list of GBDX platform components and 3rd party components that the platform relies on. To see a component's description, click the question mark icon next to it.

We monitor our components at a system level and an application level. For example, when we say the Authentication API is "operational", that means we've verified that users can connect to the service, users can fetch a token, and that token can be validated.


Authentication APIService can be reached, token can be fetched, token can be validated
Ordering APIService can be reached, order status can be checked
Workflow APIService can be reached, workflows are running
S3 Storage ServiceService can be reached, credentials can be fetched

Component status is indicated by a symbol and a color.

Component status definitionsComponent status definitions

Component status definitions

Planned System Maintenance

Scheduled platform maintenance will be announced on this page ahead of time. The maintenance incident will be updated once work begins with the following status updates.

ScheduledMaintenance work has been scheduled. The scheduled date and time will be listed
In progressScheduled maintenance has begun and is underway
VerifyingScheduled maintenance is complete and platform health is being verified
ResolvedScheduled maintenance and verification are complete

During the maintenance period, affected components will be marked as "under maintenance." When maintenance is complete, components will be marked as "operational."

"Under maintenance" can mean a component is online, but performance is degraded. It can also indicate a planned outage. Check the incident description for more information.

Subscribers will get a reminder notice by email, sms, or Twitter 60 minutes before maintenance begins.

Unplanned System Degradation or Outage

An incident will be posted when a component experiences degraded performance, a partial outage, or a major outage. The incident will be regularly updated with the following states:

InvestigatingA performance degration or outage has occurred and the cause is being investigated
IdentifiedThe cause has been identified and we're working on a solution
MonitoringA solution has been applied, and the results are being monitored
ResolvedThe root cause has been fixed and the component is operational

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Platform Status Page

GBDX real-time incident tracking and system status

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