GBDX Dashboard: Manage your Account

Last updated: September 9, 2020


The GBDX Dashboard is an account management tool. Use your GBDX email address and password to log into

Accounts have two roles: the "user" role and the "account admin" role. Both roles can access the dashboard and view usage information. Account admins have the ability to update account details and add or invite users to the account.

UserView basic user account information; edit name and email address; change password; view S3 contents; view account usage totals
Account adminSame permissions as user, plus the following: view additional account information; create or invite new users; remove a user from the account.

Account Tab

The "Account" tab includes:

  • User, Account, and Company information. Account admins can view some contract information here.
  • Change password button
  • Company/account usage data
  • A link to the account's AWS S3 contents, viewable in the AWS S3 console

User, account, and company information

The account tab shows information about the user, the account, and the company on the left side of the page. The information shown here varies depending on your role as a user or an account admin.

Company usage

The right side of the page shows the usage for the account. The numbers represent combined usage for all users in the account. See Monitoring your GBDX Usage for more information on monitoring usage data.

Account tab contentsAccount tab contents

Account tab contents

Edit Button

The "edit button lets the user or admin change the first and last name and email address for their user account.

Change Password

The "Change Password" button lets you change your password if you know your current password. Changing your password here means you'll need to use your new password anywhere GBDX credentials are required or stored.

Change your password screenChange your password screen

Change your password screen

Note: If you've forgotten your password and can't log into the Dashboard, go to and choose the link that says "don't remember your password?"

Manage your GBDX S3 Contents

This button will open the Amazon Web Services Management Console and log you in. You can view and manage the contents in your GBDX S3 location from here. For more information, see Manage S3 Contents with the Amazon S3 Management Console .

Permissions Tab (Account Admins only)

Account admins will see an additional tab titled "Permissions" on the Dashboard. This tab allows admins to create a user or invite users to the account.

Account Admins: use this tab to invite new team members, resend invitations, or remove usersAccount Admins: use this tab to invite new team members, resend invitations, or remove users

Account Admins: use this tab to invite new team members, resend invitations, or remove users

Create Team Members

Use this option to add a user to your account and set a password for them. No email notification is sent to the new user.

Invite Team Members

Use this option to invite users to your account. Once you complete the form, an email will be sent to the user with an "activate your account" link. This link will expire after 5 days. When the user clicks to activate their account, they'll be required to add a password.

Note: The email address used to set up the user's account access is also their username. The username and password set during this process are the credentials needed to access the GBDX APIs and the GBDXtools suite.


Use the "Remove" button to delete a user from the account. Once deleted, the user will no longer be able to access the GBDX platform.