Landsat is a joint NASA/USGS program provides the longest continuous space-based record of Earth’s land in existence. Landsat 8 imagery is included in the GBDX catalog, and is available for processing on the GBDX platform.

Spectral Bands

Date Range

2013 to present

For more information about LANDSAT-8 imagery on GBDX, see LANDSAT Data.

Landsat imagery courtesy of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and U.S. Geological Survey or USGS/NASA Landsat

Landsat imagery courtesy of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and U.S. Geological Survey or USGS/NASA Landsat


Using the GBDX Catalog API, search by "types" to find LANDSAT-8 data. To narrow the search results set, include area, date range, or both. Search results can be further filtered by the properties of a LANDSAT record.

Catalog V2 API Request

Send a POST request to with a request body.

For gbdxtools, see Catalog Search Overview

Search Example 1: Search by Types

   	"searchAreaWkt": "POLYGON ((-122.41189956665039 37.59415685597818, -122.41189956665039 37.64460175855099, -122.34529495239259 37.64460175855099, -122.34529495239259 37.59415685597818, -122.41189956665039 37.59415685597818))",
   	"startDate": "2015-03-01T00:00:00.000Z",
   	"endDate": "2016-03-01T23:59:59.999Z",
   	"types": ["Landsat8"]

Search Result Example

    "stats": {
        "recordsReturned": 88,
        "totalRecords": 88,
        "typeCounts": {
            "GBDXCatalogRecord": 88,
            "LandsatAcquisition": 88,
            "Acquisition": 88,
            "Landsat8": 88
    "results": [
            "identifier": "LC80340332014295LGN00",
            "type": [
            "properties": {
                "vendor": "Landsat",
                "browseURL": "",
                "timestamp": "2014-10-22T17:44:06.383Z",
                "bucketPrefix": "L8/034/033/LC80340332014295LGN00",
                "footprintWkt": "MULTIPOLYGON(((-107.61854 37.80661, -107.61854 39.94828, -104.88295 39.94828, -104.88295 37.80661, -107.61854 37.80661)))",
                "cloudCover": 42,
                "catalogID": "LC80340332014295LGN00",
                "bucketName": "landsat-pds",
                "path": 34,
                "sensorPlatformName": "LANDSAT08",
                "multiResolution": 30,
                "row": 33,
                "platformName": "LANDSAT08",
                "panResolution": 15
      truncated results set showing one LANDSAT-8 acquisition


There are four "types" associated with Landsat records.

Type Definition
GBDXCatalogRecord The parent type for all GBDX catalog records
Acquisition All Acquisitions
  • The GBDX catalog stores records for all Landsat-8 acquisitions available in the Landsat public feed on AWS.

  • For LANDSAT, there are no products. All LANDSAT records are cataloged as acquisitions. Searching by type for Landsat8 or LandsatAcqusition will return the same results sets.

Catalog ID

The Catalog ID is the product ID assigned by the vendor. This is an example of a Landsat-8 catalog ID. Landsat refers to this as a "scene number".


For more information, see Landsat File Naming Convention.

S3 location

The s3 location for Landsat data is the bucketName and bucketPrefix.

For example:

Bucket name: landsat-pds
BucketPrefix: L8/034/033/LC80340332014359LGN0
S3 location: s3://landsat-pds/L8/034/033/LC80340332014359LGN0


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