The IKONOS dataset includes more than 12 years of panchromatic and multispectral satellite imagery. The IKONOS satellite launched in 1999 and collected imagery with .80-meter resolution and multispectral imagery with 3.2-meter resolution until early 2015.

Uses: Useful for image analysis, map creation, and change detection.

Spectral Bands: Panchromatic band, Multispectral 4-band
Date Range: 2000-2014

Products available through GBDX: IKONOS Ortho-ready 2A

See the IKONOS Data Sheet for more details.

IKONOS Ortho-ready 2A products are cataloged on GBDX. They do not need to be ordered. See the S3 Location section to learn how to find the location of an IKONOS acquisition.

IKONOS Multispectral Image

IKONOS Multispectral Image


Using the GBDX Catalog API, search by "types" to find IKONOS data. To narrow the search results set, include area, date range, or both. Search results can be further filtered by the properties of an

Catalog V2 API Request

Send a POST request to // with a request body.

For gbdxtools, see Catalog Search Overview

Search Example 1: Search by Types

Search by the type "IKONOS".

    	"searchAreaWkt": "POLYGON ((-122.41189956665039 37.59415685597818, -122.41189956665039 37.64460175855099, -122.34529495239259 37.64460175855099, -122.34529495239259 37.59415685597818, -122.41189956665039 37.59415685597818))",
    	"startDate": "2013-06-01T12:00:00.000Z",
    	"endDate": "2014-06-06T12:00:00.000Z",
    	"types": ["IKONOS"]

Search Result Example

    "stats": {
        "recordsReturned": 4,
        "totalRecords": 4,
        "typeCounts": {
            "GBDXCatalogRecord": 4,
            "IKONOSAcquisition": 4,
            "Acquisition": 4,
            "IKONOS": 4
    "results": [
            "identifier": "2014051819045100000011602271",
            "type": [
            "properties": {
                "sunAzimuth": 138.05568,
                "cloudCover": 14,
                "targetAzimuth": 5.8030877,
                "multiResolution": 3.363062,
                "zone": "10N",
                "catalogID": "2014051819045100000011602271",
                "offNadirAngle": 8.466732771390973,
                "platformName": "IKONOS",
                "sunElevation": 67.75093,
                "vendor": "DigitalGlobe",
                "timestamp": "2014-05-18T19:04:51.000Z",
                "bucketPrefix": "po_1589873",
                "bucketName": "ikonos-product",
                "panResolution": 0.8407655,
                "footprintWkt": "MULTIPOLYGON(((-122.447100942 38.009674487, -122.405065387 38.0099824057, -122.360801534 38.0104292797, -122.360888189 37.9366972827, -122.360915202 37.8629486558, -122.360995306 37.7893586117, -122.361062053 37.7158250194, -122.361085278 37.6423306511, -122.361179125 37.5690723099, -122.361178606 37.4959540291, -122.361273151 37.4229310949, -122.361323759 37.3493866053, -122.36138463 37.27629299, -122.36146581 37.2032024157, -122.361508363 37.130061414, -122.361554153 37.0571233329, -122.361606515 36.9842365938, -122.404941998 36.9841393043, -122.446074055 36.984146552, -122.489463558 36.9842658, -122.489578501 37.0570998457, -122.489705039 37.1299801272, -122.489829829 37.2029128581, -122.489934273 37.2758806469, -122.490068076 37.3489377906, -122.490225408 37.4220740983, -122.490333326 37.4952226093, -122.490409701 37.5690203212, -122.490602637 37.6419039354, -122.490799032 37.7152885378, -122.490949706 37.7887401763, -122.49109447 37.8622395224, -122.491322445 37.9358165729, -122.491436876 38.0095536189, -122.447100942 38.009674487)))",
                "components": 2,
                "imageBands": "PAN_MS1",
                "sensorPlatformName": "IKONOS"
      truncated to show a single IKONOS acquisition


There are four "types" associated with IKONOS records.

Type Definition
GBDXCatalogRecord The parent type for all GBDX catalog records
Acquisition The parent type for all Acquisitions
IKONOS All IKONOS records.
IKONOSAcquisition All IKONOS Acquisitions

Note: All IKONOS records are IKONOS acquisitions. A search for types "IKONOS" or "IKONOSAcquisitions" will return the same results set.


The following properties and metadata files are associated with an IKONOS record in the GBDX catalog.

Property Description Values
bucketName The AWS bucket name where IKONOS data is stored. Bucket name + bucket location make up the S3 location for IKONOS data. This url may be used as input to some processing tasks ikonos-product
bucketPrefix The AWS prefix for the location where IKONOS data is stored. Bucket name + bucket location make up the S3 location for IKONOS data. This url may be used as input to some processing tasks po_1549873"
catalogID The record ID provided by the vendor 2014051819045100000011602271
cloudCover Estimate of the max cloud-covered fraction of the product component 0.000 to 1.000, -999.000 if not assessed
components IKONOS scans are broken into components. A directory will typically include multiple components 2 (as part of the directory name, this component would be shown as a 7 digit number; "0000002"
footprintWkt The geometry that defines the location of the record MULTIPOLYGON
imageBands The type of image band of the image. For all IKONOS imagery imageBands = PAN_MS1 PAN_MS1
multiResolution The multispectral resolution for IKONOS imagery is 3.2 - 4m ex: 3.363062
offNadirAngle The spacecraft elevation angle measured from nadir to the image center as seen from the spacecraft at the time the strip or substrip was acquired 8.466732771390973
panResolution The panchromatic resolution for IKONOS imagery is .80 - 1 m ex: 0.8407655
platformName The name of the sensor platform that acquired the data. The properties "platformName" and "sensorPlatformName" have the same value IKONOS
sensorPlatformName The name of the satellite that acquired the image IKONOS
sunAzimuth The azimuth of the sun as seen by an observer sitting on the target measured in a clockwise direction from north 138.05568
sunElevation The angle of the sun above the horizon 67.75093
targetAzimuth The azimuth of the target as seen by an observer sitting on the spacecraft measured in a clockwise direction from north 5.8030877
timestamp The timestamp indicates the date and time data was acquired by the satellite 2014-05-18T19:04:51.000Z
vendor The name of the data provider. DigitalGlobe
zone All IKONOS data is project into UTM. The zone attribute is the UTM zone 10N

Catalog ID

The Catalog ID is the product ID assigned by the vendor.

The IKONOS catalog ID is prepended by the date and time of collection. For example:


Directory Structure and Contents

IKONOS imagery is located in the bucket s3://ikonos-product. Each scan has its own prefix. These prefixes are named by an internal production order identifier( i.e. po_1642618).

Within each prefix there is a directory named "meta" containing a cloud mask as well as the original metadata properties file. This properties file is a human readable text file containing pertinent collection information.

In addition to the metadata directory, one or more product directories will exist. The IKONOS scans are broken into components. Each directory is named by the prefix name followed by a 7 digit component number. The following example shows a scan directory containing 3 components.

Each component directory contains two files in tif format. One contains the multispectral image and the other contains the panchromatic image.
There is also one RPC file per image file. The RPCs define the camera model and needed to orthorectify the image.

In addition several shapefiles are included for each component. The aoi shapefile is the AOI of the original order to produce the strip. It's footprint is the same and the footprint of the image. The image shapefile contains the footprint of the scan as well as metadata related to the scan.

S3 location

The S3 path to the files for an IKONOS scan is constructed from the following fields:

These three fields can be used to construct the paths to all of the files for a scan. For example the path to the multispectral tif file is:


Note: To ortho-rectify an IKONOS image, use ENVI® RPC Orthorectification.

To pan-sharpen an IKONOS image, use ENVI® NNDiffuse PanSharpening.


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