IDAHO Course

IMPORTANT: The IDAHO Chip services have been retired. You can now use the new Raster Data Access (RDA) to access image chips.
Deprecation announcement
Raster Data Access Course

IDAHO Course Overview

In this course, we'll explain the IDAHO image format and the services that use it.

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What is IDAHO?

IDAHO is a cloud-based, data storage format designed for high availability and real time access. The IDAHO format is a tile-based imagery format optimized for storage in cloud-based object stores.

Why use IDAHO?

IDAHO images consist of two file types; tiles and metadata files. Converting large footprint satellite imagery into the IDAHO format provides imagery-manipulating algorithms a tile-based access to the imagery. This significantly reduces load time and compute time through parallel processing.

IDAHO Image Format

IDAHO images have two major components: tiles and metadata files.


IDAHO images are broken up into tiles. Each tile is stored as an image file. The metadata parameters for the tiles are specified in the image.json file.

Metadata files

To see the metadata files that are stored for an IDAHO image, see IDAHO Metadata Files. Image profilesand vendor Dataset Identifier are also explained in this section.

IDAHO Services

We offer a set of services that let you access and visualize IDAHO images.

All services require authentication, using GBDX platform authentication tokens. Please see the Authentication Course for help.

Service Description
Web-based TMS Service Our web-based TMS Service lets you search for IDAHO imagery by drawing a search area or searching by a one week date range. The results panel will display each image and its properties, and offers additional controls. GBDX customers, use your GBDX credentials to sign in to the IDAHO Explorer .
TMS Service This service provides TMS (tiled map service) tiles and metadata for any IDAHO image.
WMS Service This service provides WMS (web map service) images for any IDAHO image
IDAHO Layer QGIS Plugin This QGIS plugin lets you visualize IDAHO images served via the TMS service

TMS Service

This service provides TMS (tiled map service) tiles and metadata for any IDAHO image.


Resource Name Description
TMS metadata Get IDAHO TMS metadata information
TMS tile Get a TMS tile

TMS Service Requests

GET TMS metadata
GET a TMS Tile

WMS Service

This API provides services for retrieving WMS images for a given IDAHO image. The WMS service conforms to the WMS 1.3.0 specification. The WMS service is not a fully featured WMS service but provides sufficient features to view the IDAHO imagery.

For the WMS API, the GBDX authentication token is embedded in the URL path.

The URL path to the WMS service is formed using the bucket name, IDAHO ID, and the user token in the following form:

IDAHO Layers QGIS Plugin

The IDAHO Layer plugin lets you easily visualize an IDAHO image with QGIS. With the IDAHO Layer Plugin, you can add GBDX IDAHO layers to your map canvas.

IDAHO Layer QGIS Plugin


Leaflet Examples

These examples show how to create a Leaflet map using the IDAHO TMS service.
Leaflet map html example - basic
Leaflet map html example - advanced

OpenLayers Examples

These examles show how to create an OpenLayers map using the IDAHO TMS service.
OpenLayers html example - basic
OpenLayers html example - advanced