GBDX Overview

Overview of the GBDX platform.

Maxar's GBDX platform offers a fast and easy way to search, order, and process satellite imagery. GBDX technical documentation will explain how to use the platform to find what you're looking for.

REST APIs and Services


All GBDX APIs require a token. To learn how to get a token see the Authentication Course

APIs and Services

Our APIs provide programmatic access to GBDX data. Our API documentation includes examples of the requests you can make to each endpoint. If you have a token, you can use the "Try it Out" feature to try API calls.

API or Service Description
Catalog V2 API Search the catalog by area, date range, types, or filters. Get a record by ID
Orders API Place an order by catalog ID. Check the status of an Order
Workflow API Register a task in the workflow task registry. Submit a workflow
S3 Storage Service Get temporary credentials and to access data stored in your S3 Bucket

We've created a Postman collection for API calls

See the Postman instructions in the Getting Started guide.

Error and Response Codes

The GBDX platform uses conventional HTTP response codes to indicate success or failure of an API request. Codes in the 2xx range indicate success, codes in the 4xx range indicate an error that resulted from the provided information, and codes in the 5xx range indicate a server error.

API Updates and Breaking Change Policy

We version our APIs when breaking changes are made. Breaking changes include:

  • A change in the format or schema of a response.
  • A change in response type.
    *API deletions or removals of functionality.

We consider the following changes to be non-breaking and backward-compatible, and as such they will not result in up-versioning of the API:

  • Adding new endpoints or HTTP methods
  • Adding new response parameters or fields
  • Adding new optional request fields

In rare cases we will need to make a breaking API change, typically in order to resolve a critical issue. In these cases, we will make every attempt to communicate the change to all users, and give a specific time that the change will take place.​

GBDX Overview

Overview of the GBDX platform.

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