Deprecation Schedule

When a GBDX resource or service is deprecated and scheduled for retirement, it will be added to this list. The retirement date and links to announcements and migration documentation will be provided.

Last Updated: January 4, 2021


ComponentDeprecation DateRetirement DateDocumentation
The GBDX Platform01/04/202101/03/2022Deprecation Notice: The GBDX Platform
GBDX Notebooks11/02/202002/01/2021 RETIREDDeprecation Notice: GBDX Notebooks
Third-party imagery datasets10/13/202012/14/2020 RETIREDDeprecation Notice
RDA Graph API02/25/202004/27/2020 RETIREDDeprecation Notice
MDA RADARSAT-2 archive02/07/202003/31/2020 RETIREDDatasets on GBDX
Python 2 support in GBDXtools11/26/201901/25/2020 RETIREDDeprecation Notice Move to Python 3
GBDX API Heartbeat endpoints11/26/201901/25/2020 RETIREDDeprecation Notice use GBDX Status page
AnswerFactory Web User Interface11/26/201901/25/2020 RETIREDDeprecation Notice No replacement
AnswerFactory API11/26/201901/25/2020 RETIREDDeprecation Notice No replacement
IDAHO TMS Service10/10/1912/09/2019 RETIREDDeprecation Notice No replacement
IDAHO Explorer Web Application10/10/1912/09/2019 RETIREDDeprecation Notice No replacement
IDAHO WMS Service10/10/1912/09/2019 RETIREDDeprecation Notice No replacement
IDAHO Layers QGIS Plugin10/10/1912/09/2019 RETIREDDeprecation Notice No replacement
Harris ENVI Task Engine07/01/201903/31/2020 RETIREDNo replacement
GBDX S3 Browser05/01/201905/30/2019 RETIREDDeprecaton Notice Migrate to S3 Access Course
VectorService ESRI API endpoints02/21/201904/22/2019 RETIREDDeprecation Notice No replacement
VectorService non-index based api endpoints02/21/201904/22/2019 RETIREDDeprecation Notice Use index-based API endpoints instead
Automated Land Cover Classification (task name = lulc)12/13/201802/11/2019 RETIREDDeprecation Notice; No replacement
Built-up Extent (task name = protogenV2PANTEX10)12/13/201802/11/2019 RETIREDDeprecation Notice; No replacement
AnswerFactory TMS Service08/21/201810/22/2018 RETIREDDeprecation Notice Migrate to IDAHO TMS Service
Legacy versions of ENVI® tasks (v1.3.1 or older)06/30/201807/01/2018 RETIREDMigrate to ENVI tasks version v1.3.2 or newer. Release Notes
Workflow Library Task Functionality06/21/201807/23/2018 RETIREDDeprecation Notice Migrate to: No Replacement
Change Detection Image Pair Alignment Task (cd_prep)06/21/201807/23/2018 RETIREDDeprecation Notice Migrate to Pairwise Image Registration or ENVI® Task Engine
Urban Change Detection Task (urban_change)06/21/201807/23/2018 RETIREDDeprecation Notice Migrate to Pairwise Image Registration or ENVI® Task Engine
Cloud Mask Task (protogenV2RAC)06/21/201807/23/2018 RETIREDN/A
Soil Mask Task (protogenV2RAS)06/21/201807/23/2018 RETIREDNo replacement
Vegetation Mask Task (protogenV2RAV)06/21/201807/23/2018 RETIREDNo replacement
Water Mask Task (protogenV2RAW)06/21/201807/23/2018 RETIREDDeprecation Notice No replacement
GBDX Thumbnail Service05/22/20187/23/2018 RETIREDDeprecation Notice and migration instructions
IDAHO BBox Chip Service04/12/201807/11/2018 RETIREDDeprecation Notice, migrate to Raster Data Services
IDAHO Centroid Chip service04/12/201807/11/2018 RETIREDDeprecation Notice, migrate to Raster Data Services
GBDX Web App ( RETIREDDeprecation Notice and Migration Instructions
StageDataToS3 task for saving task outputs04/18/201806/18/2018 RETIREDmigrate to How to Save Task Outputs
AWS EC2 worker domain nvidiagpu02/8/201804/05/2018 RETIREDDeprecation Notice, migrate to list of supported domains


DeprecationThis resource or service is scheduled for retirement, but is still available. No updates will be made to this component, and support is limited. Users should prepare to migrate and stop using this component by the retirement date.
Deprecation DateThis is the date the deprecation of the resource or service was announced on the GBDX status page.
RetirementOnce a component is retired, it is no longer accessible. Calling this resource or service will result in an error.
Retirement DateRetirement date indicates that the resource or service is no longer available as of this date.
DocumentationWhen a component is deprecated, a deprecation notice will be posted on the GBDX Status Page, and migration documentation will be provided.

Deprecation Announcements

Components scheduled for deprecation are announced on the GBDX Status Page. You can subscribe to the announcement to receive updates.

You can also follow us on Twitter to see these and other GBDX announcements.