Premium Data Retention Policy

Last Updated: November 1, 2019

All premium datasets available on GBDX that are not accessed by any users for 30 days will be automatically deleted from the GBDX platform. A premium dataset is considered "accessed" if a GBDX user:

  • Orders the dataset via the GBDX Ordering System
  • Passes the dataset as input into the GBDX Workflow System
  • Accesses the dataset via any of the documented services and API endpoints for the Raster Data Access (RDA) system exposed to GBDX customers
  • Accesses the dataset via any of the documented GBDXtools image access classes (e.g. "CatalogImage").

If a GBDX user wishes to access a premium dataset that was previously available on the GBDX platform but has been deleted in alignment with this retention policy, the dataset will need to be re-ordered.

We recommend adding the Auto_Ordering task to the Workflow definition. See Auto Ordering Task Tutorial.