AnswerFactory Overview

Overview of GBDX AnswerFactory

The Basics

What is AnswerFactory?

AnswerFactory is a simple web-based interface that allows ANYONE to take advantage of the power of GBDX and cloud-based remote sensing at scale (without needing to know what any of that means!).

The goal of AnswerFactory is making the power of answers and insights available to anyone so your organization and enterprise applications can benefit from actionable answers delivered easily and automatically for areas important to your business.

What does it do?

AnswerFactory allows you to create projects containing areas or regions of the globe you care about, then add "answers" within those areas to do things including locating and counting objects, detecting change, identifying foliage, finding OpenStreetMaps (OSM) new features, etc.

We're adding new "answers" to AnswerFactory almost every two weeks and update our "What's New" details as soon as we do.

How do I access AnswerFactory?

AnswerFactory may be accessed through the web application, or using gbdxtools or Notebooks.

Login to AnswerFactory using your GBDX account credentials by visiting

Don't have a GBDX username and password?

To register for a GBDX Account, visit and select the "Sign Up" option.

Tips for Users

Our Production Environment runs the latest versions of the stable "answers" and feature sets within AnswerFactory.

See full documentation of all functionality at AnswerFactory Web Application Course.
See the quick guide to creating and viewing projects at AnswerFactory Web Project Course.

Getting Help

Post questions or recommendations/feature requests to #answerfactory-support Slack channel!

AnswerFactory Overview

Overview of GBDX AnswerFactory

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