About The GBDX Platform

Learn more about GBDX, Maxar's subscription-based geospatial big data analytics platform.


The Geospatial Big Data platform (GBDX) provides online access to large quantities of geospatial data including the Maxar data content library with Maxar satellite imagery. GBDX leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver scalable storage and compute resources that can be used for advanced geospatial analytics and AI machine learning applications.

GBDX Accounts

To get an account, you must have a valid GBDX subscription. If you're interested in purchasing a subscription, use the
Contact Us
form to provide your information.

Once you have a signed subscription agreement, someone from the Maxar GBDX Support team will set up your account and add an initial set of users requested by the contact person for the organization.

Users and Administrators

When you are added to an account by a Maxar team member, you will be assigned the role of "user" or "administrator." The difference between the two roles is that administrators have the ability to invite users through the GBDX Dashboard.

Administrators can invites users to the account using the "Invite User" button on the
GBDX Dashboard
form to provide your information. When a user is invited, they will receive an "activate your account" email. If you receive this email, select the "activate your account" button and then use the form to create your password.

Account Credentials

You'll use your GBDX credentials to access our APIs and tools. Your credentials are:

  • Email address: This is the address used to invite you to your account. It must be in a valid email format, for example: [email protected].

  • Password: The password you created to activate your account. If you forget your password, go to the
    GBDX Dashboard
    and click "Don't remember our password?"

You'll learn more about when and how to use your credentials below.

Rest API

The GBDX REST API provides the following services:

  • Token-based Authentication: Use your GBDX credentials to get a token and use it to access REST API endpoints
  • Catalog Search: Search the GBDX Catalog for premium and third party imagery
  • Ordering Service: Order Maxar's premium imagery for use in the GBDX Workflow system
  • Workflow System: Chain a series of tasks (algorithms) together and run them as a workflow. Dockerize and register your own algorithms for analytics. Save your outputs to the GBDX S3 location or to a personal S3 bucket.
  • S3 Storage Service: Get temporary credentials to access your output files from the AWS S3 customer location.

Accessing the GBDX platform

The GBDX Rest API is the foundation of the GBDX platform. We've built tools that let you access our API endpoints using the technology your'e most comfortable with.


All access methods require GBDX credentials for authentication. To access API endpoints directly, you'll use your username and password to request a token. A valid token must be part of every API request. For GBDXtools and GBDX Notebooks, you'll provide your username and password. Getting a token is handled by the client. For each section below, more information is included about how to use your GBDX credentials for access.

Postman Collection

For direct API access, we've created a Postman collection that lets you get an authentication token and try out example API requests and view the JSON response. See Postman Instructions & Collections. The Postman collection is accompanied by an environment file where you'll store your GBDX username and password. Use the "Get a Token" request from the postman collection, and then add the token to your environment variables. Tokens expire after and seven days and a new token must be requested.

Get Started with GBDX APIs


GBDXtools is a python-based client package that provides an access library to the GBDX APIs. GBDXtools can be run in a local python-environment. There are additional features for visualization and mapping in iPython and Jupyter Notebooks, the recommended development environment for analysis. GBDX credentials are required and can be stored in a local .ini file or passed with each API request.

Try the Quickstart Tutorial using GBDXtools

Datasets on GBDX

GBDX subscribers have access to Maxar's premium imagery archive along with many third-party datasets. This means you have access to imagery from a large selection of satellites with different bands and resolutions. For more information about available imagery, see Datasets on GBDX .

GBDX Support and Operations

GBDX Status Page

For real-time GBDX platform operational status, use the
GBDX Status Page
. Select the "Subscribe to Updates" button at the top of the page to be notified of operational incidents and planned maintenance.

GBDX Support

Our GBDX Support team can assist you with general GBDX usage and troubleshooting. You can reach them at [email protected] Issues are addressed during regular business hours, between 8 AM and 5 PM Mountain Time Zone.

Deprecation Schedule and Policy

For a list of deprecated and retired GBDX components, see Deprecation Schedule. The 60-day deprecation policy can be found at the bottom of the page. Deprecation notices are posted to the GBDX Status page and sent in email. Be sure to add GBDX Support to your trusted senders, using the email address "[email protected]".

Data Retention Policy

As a cost-control measure, GBDX has a data retention policy for premium imagery data. Read our policy at Premium Data Retention Policy .